Monday, August 29, 2011


Today's name: Siobhan (female)

Potential nicknames: Shea, Bonnie, Bon-Bon, Bon, Shiba, Von, Vonnie, Sio, Oba, Ava, Ova, Shiv, Annie, Anne, Chevron

Pronunciation: shih-VON, shuh-VAHN, shih-VAWN

Origin: Irish form of Joan, which is the feminine form of John, meaning "God is gracious."

Variant forms: Chevon, Chevonne, Chavonne, Chivon, Chyvonne, Shavaun, Shavon, Shavonne, Siobhian, Shervon, Shevon, Shevonne, Shirvaun, Shivahn, Shivaun, Shovonne, Shyvonne, Sioban, Shiobahn, and Syvonne.

Popularity: In 2010, 72 babies were born with the name Siobhan in the U.S. according to the Social Security Administration's annual list. This name does not make it to the top 1000 in America, but it does is Ireland (even the Anglicized versions.) In 2011 there were 51 girls named Siobhan.


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