Thursday, March 29, 2012


Today's name is Marcheline (MARSH-el-een) which is French, meaning "warlike" or "little warrior." It is the feminine variant of Marcel. Marcel comes from the Roman god Mars. It is also the name of Marcheline Bertrand (birth name Marcia Lynne), Angelina Jolie's mother, and the middle name of her daughter Vivienne.

I selected Marcheline for March because March would make a super cute nickname. In 2010 there were no baby girls named Marcheline, but there were 35 Marcelina, 6 Marceline, 14 Marcelle, and 8 Marchelle. In 2011 there were 5 girls named Marchella, 8 Marcelle, 9 Marciana, 12 Marceline, 20 Marcelina, and no girls named Marcheline.

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  1. I kinda like the idea of March as a middle, and Marcheline is certainly pretty. She's like the next step on from Madeleine.