Sunday, April 1, 2012


Happy April, and don't forget to consider it as a baby name! April is Latin, meaning "to open," and wasn't used as a given named until the 20th century. It could have been inspired by usage of the French name Avril, a variant of the Old English name Averil, meaning "boar battle." Originally, April came from the Latin word for "second," because at first it was the second month in the year. April symbolizes spring and the freshness and florals that mark this time.

This was very popular since about the 70s, and is still slowly decreasing in popularity. In 2010 there were 832 baby girls named April, ranking #378, and in 2011 it was #395. Be sure to get creative with nicknames for April, as the obvious choice is "ape." Perhaps Rilla?

"April showers bring May flowers"

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  1. Very cool blog. As an April, I will attest that I was called Ape, Apes, and Pril as nicknames. I pushed for Rilla instead (c.f. Anne of Green Gables!) but it never caught on. My mom nicknamed me Mary :P