Friday, April 13, 2012


Belle, as we're all aware thanks to Beauty and the Beast, is French for "beautiful." It's an underused, simple yet elegant name. It can be a good alternative to Isabelle, which is seeing extreme popularity, and can be a nickname for any number of names ending in -belle, such as Rosabelle, Claribelle, Bluebell, Amabel or Arabelle. She can be a Southern Belle or Belle of the Ball. She is close to Bella yet miles away. The name ages well and gets rave reviews. There was also a Confederate spy named Belle Boyd, a World War II bomber plane called the Memphis Belle, and a character from Gone with the Wind.

Belle has not ranked in the past decade. In 2010 there were 154 baby girls named Belle, and in 2011 there were 139. I see a lot of people passing this name up because of Isabella, thinking Belle is more popular than it is. Maybe they're getting it confused with Bella, which was #60 in 2011.

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