Thursday, October 6, 2011

Crisanta & Chrysanthe

Today's name: Crisanta & Chrysanthe
Crisanta and Chrysanthe can also be spelled Chrisanta, Chrisantha, Chrissanta, Chrissantha, Chryssantha and Chrysantha.

Pronunciation: kriss-AHN-tah

Potential nicknames: Cris, Crissa, Crissy, Cristie, Santa, Thea

Origin: Crisanta is the Spanish variant of the Old Greek, meaning "golden flower," which probably referenced the chrysanthemum, which most people associate it with today. The traditional Old Greek spelling is Khrysanthe, pronounced kris-ANN-thee, from the words chrysos and anthos. It is the feminine form of Chrysanthos, which all of the variants come from.

Popularity: There were no babies named Crisanta or Chrysanthe in 2010 or 2011.

Fun fact: (1) Chrysanthos (male) was a third century Egyptian saint, who was not very well known.

Middle name ideas: Crisanta and Chrysanthe may sound too exotic for most American parents, so a more modern-sounding, simple, traditional middle name might make it perfect, although these rare names are not for everyone.

Crisanta Marie/Mary
Crisanta Lilith
Crisanta Marilyn
Crisanta Jane
Crisanta Nicole
Crisanta Eloise
Crisanta Sophie

Chrysanthe Eve
Chrysanthe Maeve
Chrysanthe Sonnet
Chrysanthe Jewel


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  1. Great post! I didn't know that the final "e" was pronounced; I like it much better now.

    I think it's quite usable!