Friday, January 6, 2012


I know I'm supposed to be doing boy, girl, boy, girl in terms of post order, but there are SO many girl's names I need to cover. Today's name, Amarantha, from the word amaranthos, is one of them. Besides, wouldn't Amarantha and Thalassa make a cute pair? Another ancient Greek name, this one might be a little more familiar to you. Like Ambrosia, the flower equivalent to the fountain of youth, Amarantha is Zeus's flower, and her meaning is "unfading." While ambrosia gave eternal life to people, the amaranth plant is eternal itself. Not only is Amarantha a mythical plant, it is the name of a real plant, and you may recognize the amaranth grain as a healthy whole grain.

If Amarantha is not to your liking, try Amantha, Amaranta or Amaranthe. For nicknames, try Amy, Ama, Ammie, Amara, Antha, Mara, Mandy, Randie, Rantha, or Rana. As far as culture goes, references to Amarantha are not often, although there is "Queen Amarantha," the story of a fictional queen, a book, and a few not-so-well-known namesakes.

In 2010 there were no baby girls born named Amarantha.


  1. She rather reminds me of the name Samantha, which was quite popular once upon a time.

  2. When I was researching the name it said the variant Amantha could either be from Amarantha or Samantha.