Saturday, November 12, 2011


Today's name: Atreyu

Pronunciation: ah-TRAY-yu

Potential nicknames: Atreyu comes with the adorable nickname Trey.

Origin: German, through the use of the fictional native language in the novel it came from, meaning "son of all." The meaning came to be so because Atreyu's parents were killed by a buffalo soon after he was born and his village raised him.

Popularity: In 2010 there were 130 baby boys named Atreyu (about 2.6 per state) which does not rank on the Social Security Administration's top 1000 baby names in the U.S. In 2011 there were 5 spelled Atreu, 8 Atrayu, and 125 Atreyu. If you think it's weird, keep in mind there were 91 Anakin's in 2011.

Fun fact: You will probably remember "The NeverEnding Story," Michael Ende's German novel and the 1980s movie series, in which one of the main characters is named Atreyu. Rumor has it that "The NeverEnding Story" (which in my opinion should be left a classic and not messed with) is being remade for 2014. If the book or movie does not instantly come to mind, you might be more familiar with the rock band Atreyu, formed in 1998, named after Atreyu from "The NeverEnding Story." These are the only two well known associations. And this is just a wild guess, but if the remake doesn't end up happening, chances are no one your kid's age (when they're older) will know where Atreyu came from. It will work well with other unique/less heard/rare literary, but still legitimate, name options coming about lately, such as Aramis and Merrick. And if the movie is remade, your kid will have a cool factor by being named Atreyu before the movie comes out, much like a Hermione might have had before Harry Potter came out, or Bella might have had before Twilight came out.



  1. Naming a baby is very important and crucial decision taken by the parents. Family members start suggesting names for a little baby and even parent do indulge in internet researching to look for a particular name according to their choice.

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