Thursday, November 10, 2011


Today's name: Beatrix, which is classic and fun at the same time

Pronunciation: BEE-ah-trix

Potential nicknames: Bee, Bebe, Bea, Beata, Betty, Beatie, Trixy/Trixie, Trix

Origin: Variant of Latin name Viatrix (the feminine form of Viator), of which Beatrice comes from, meaning "voyager through life" and "blessed," the equivalent translation being "blessed voyager." I believe it is a combination variant of Viatrix and "beatus." It had been ocassionally used in England in the Middle Ages, then again in the 19th century.

Popularity: In 2010 there were 123 baby girls named Beatrix, compared to 319 named Beatrice, 12 named Beatris, and 152 Beatriz. Beatrix only ranked in 1883 at #760. There were also 18 baby girls named Bea, 5 named Beata, and 7 named Bebe. In 2011 there were 135  girls named Beatrix.

Fun fact: (1) Children's book author Beatrix Potter, widely known for "Peter Rabbit." (2) Saint Beatrix was martyred in Rome in the 4th century, along with Saint Faustinus and Saint Simplicius. (3) Beatrice was one of Queen Victoria's daughters. (4) Beatrice was a Shakespeare character in "Much Ado About Nothing." Beatrice is also Dante's ideal woman in the "Divine Comedy." (5) Beatrix, Queen of the Netherlands around 1938. (6) Some might see a visual connection to a certain Harry Potter name: Bellatrix, which is NOT related to Beatrice/Beatrix. (7) Beatrix Kiddo from Kill Bill. (8) Author Beverly Cleary named one of her characters Beatrice, who more often goes by Beezus. (9) Beatrix Belden from the "Trixie Belden" series.


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  1. Beatrix is close to the top of my list. I love all the connections you've mentioned: Beatrix Potter, Beatrix Kiddo, and Beezus! Also, amazing meaning and great nicknames. And I think that -X ending really makes her sound modern.