Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween baby names from a catalog

I was flipping through my mom's Olive & Cocoa catalog filled with [expensive] Halloween decorations when I saw a few names that scream "Halloween!" Let me start by saying I love Morticia Adams. When I think "Halloween name," she's the first that comes to mind. Her name is a twist on many classic or used-to-be-popular names, like Portia and Marcia, but with morte (death) in her name and a strong similarity to the word mortician. Because of her, I don't like cheesy Halloween names like Carrie or Vampira or Lycan that you often find on baby name blogs. I like elegant, gothic, witchy it blew my mind when I saw the picture of Zanzibel & Norbet, below.


Here is their description: "From the dark shadows of night, Zanzibel & Norbert rule over their eerie Transylvanian castle." Their names are so perfect for them, for Halloween, for their description. Zanzibel has been used as a given name before, but has no listed meaning. There were no baby girls named Zanzibel in 2011, but 8 were named ZsaZsa, which would make an excellent nickname for Zanzibel.

Next up we have Hootie & Priscilla, the owls. "Perched in high cindered black boughs, Hootie & Priscilla quietly watch over a mysterious enchanted forest." Priscilla was #487 in 2011.


Last we have Agnes the Witch. "With bubbling cauldrons and a rush of chilling wind, the witching hour is nigh. Agnes, with her wonderfully detailed hand painted face, jagged striped skirt and pointy hat is ready to cast a multitude of magical spells."


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