Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween baby names from last year

This will be the second Halloween for A Baby Name Per Day, so I thought I'd revisit 2011's October posts.

Zelda - as in Zelda Spellman, from "Sabrina the Teenage Witch"

My first list of Halloween baby names - for girls I loved Persephone, Beatrix, Hallow, Eve, Drusilla, Rowena, Jacquelyn, Lilith, Stormy, Jetta, Lamia, Felina, Circe, Lilura, Taika, Zillah, Twila, Desdemona, and Branwen... for boys I loved Salem, Casper, Samhain, Roderick, Damon, Blake, Orpheus, Ichabod (nn Ike) and Night...and ohhhh, the unisex list!

Hallow - I thought this was just too cool

Samhain - a great new way to get Sam as a nickname

Falena - not quite sure why I think moths go so well with Halloween, but I do...maybe because they come out at night, and they're kind of mysterious

Casper - needs no introduction

Sabrina - not many known Sabrina's Celtic origins

Bram - for Bram Stoker

Persephone - the goddess abducted by Hades

Opal - October's birth stone


  1. This is a great list of Halloween baby names. I really like Casper and Hallow. If my daughter was born in October, I would have named her Opal.

  2. I have always liked Samhain. I'd never use it myself since I have no Celtic background, but I always thought it would make a cool name. Persephone is on my list. Hallow is another great name idea. Great list!

  3. Bram and Opal are my faves, but I'm too much of a 90s child to ever think of Sabrina or Zelda without thinking about The Teenage Witch. Although I like them, the connection is just too strong.

  4. Great interview, thanks guys!

    I think Anna is the only girls' name that has been in the Dutch top 10 for at least a century, so it's truly timeless. Of course this also means there are lots and lots of them, especially combined with another top 10 name that has been popular for decades now: Anne. These names sound quite similar too: AH-nah and AH-neh.

    Vivian never was a very popular name in The Netherlands. There's only a handful of men with this name (I'm pretty sure The Young One's Vyvyan Basterd helped with that) and circa 3.000 female Vivians (out of 8 mln women in NL). Almost all of then were born between 1970 and 2000.

    Interesting fact: 25 Viviennes were born out of 'nowhere' in 2009. Thank you, Angelina Jolie :)

    PS Can't edit the comment fields with Blogger, but Emma from says hi!

  5. Aaaaah! Sorry, wrong post!