Sunday, September 11, 2011


Today's name: Everett (male)

Pronunciation: ehv-RET, ehv-er-ET

Potential nicknames: Ev, Rett, Ever

Spelling variations: Everitt, Everritt, Everist
Variant forms: Eberhard, Everard, Eberhardt, Everhardt, Averett, Averet, Averrett, Averit, Averitt, Evered, Everet, Evert, Ebert, Evrard, Eward, Ewart, Evreux, Eberado, Evraud

Origin: An old variant of Evered, which came from the Old English Eoforheard, meaning "brave as a wild boar." Derived from an English surname that meant "Everett's son."

Popularity: In 2011, Everett ranked #257, in 2010 it was #287, and it has only been rising from the #585 spot in 2000. This has been a fairly popular name throughout the past several decades. When census records first started being used to record baby names in 1880, Everett made the list. It's highest rank was #81 in 1906.


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