Saturday, September 17, 2011

Felicia & Felicity

Today's name: Felicia (also Felicity, which is a variant)

Pronunciation: fel-EE-sha, occasionally fel-EE-cee-uh

Potential nicknames: Fe (pn. Fay), Fee, Fifi, Fellie, Ellie, Licia, Elle, Lissy, Licie, Lisa, Flicka

Variant forms: Falecia, Falicia, Falisha, Falishia, Felice, Faleece, Feliciana, Felicidad, Felicie, Felicienne, Feliciona, Felicite, Felicity, Felis, Felisa, Felise, Felisha, Feliss, Felita, Feliz, Feliza, Felysse, Filicia, Filisha, Phalicia, Phalisha, Phelicia, Phylicia, Phyllicia, Phyllisha, Felixa

Origin: Latin, meaning "lucky, fortunate, happy." It is derived from the word felicity, which comes from the Latin word felicitas. This is the feminine form of Felix. Felicity simply means "happy." Unlike Felicia, Felicity only has three variant forms: Felicita, Felicitas, and Felicidad.

Popularity: Felicia has not ranked in the top 1000 since 2005, however, 126 baby girls were born with this name in 2010 and Felicity ranked at #764 in 2010 with 335 births. Also born in 2010 were 6 Feliciti, 8 Felice, 6 Felecia, 5 Felicitas, 6 Felisa, 20 Felisha and 5 Feliz. In 2011 there were 422 girls named Felicity, ranking at #666, and 155 girls named Felicia, not ranking. There were also 15 named Felisha, 8 Feliciana, 6 Felicitas and 5 Felecia.

Fun fact: Triple the Princess names! (1) Princess Felicitas Cecilie Alexandrine Helene Dorothea of Prussia was the German princess and great-granddaughter of the last German Emperor, Wilhelm II. Her sister's name was Princess Christa, her mother's name was Dorothea. (2) The daughter of fictional Shrek character Princess Fiona. (3) Princess Felicia Juliana Benedicte Barbara van Lippe Biesterfeld of the Netherlands.


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