Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Today's name: Remy
Also spelled with accent on e, pronunced RAY-mee:
Pronunciation: REH-mee, RAY-mee

Potential nicknames: While Remy sounds like a nickname itself, you could shorten it further to Rem, Re or Re-re.

Variants: Remi, Remee, Remie, Remmy, Remmey, Remo, Rhemy

Origin: French, meaning "from Rheims," which is a town in central France. (2) French, meaning "oarsman," from Remigius, a Roman family name. (3) English variant of Remington. (4) Possibly from Remedius, meaning "remedy."

Popularity: In 2010 there were 237 baby boys named Remy in the U.S., ranking at #874, then moving down to #881 in 2011.

Fun fact: Remy could serve as a nickname for longer names such as Remington or Remus. It can also be unisex. (3) Remy has also been used as a girl's name.(4) Saint Remy, from the fifth century, was a French saint.


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