Monday, December 3, 2012

Eirawen & Gwyneira


These two Welsh beauties both mean "snow white," from the elements eir, "snow," and wen, "white." Neither was used in the U.S. in 2011 (or ever, I'm certain). White Pages tells me there are no living people in the U.S. named Eirawen and only 4 named Gwyneira. Eirawen is pronounced EYE-rah-wen, Gwyneira is pronounced gwin-EYE-rah. The South Wales pronunciation for Gwyneira is gwin-AY-rah, and a lesser used spelling is Gweneira. The girl's name Eirwen also means "snow white" in Welsh. Eirwen is AYR-wen in South Wales, and IYR-wen in North Wales. The Old Norse female name Eir belonged to the goddess of healing, and the name meant "mercy, healing." Eira is also used in Finland, Norway and Sweden. Eirawen was given to a character in the video game Mabinogi, and except for this, both names remain extremely rare.

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