Saturday, December 15, 2012


jessamine plant baby name 

Jessamine (JESS-ah-meen, JESS-uh-min, JESS-uh-myne - take your pick, though the first is most accurate), thankfully, has been getting attention in recent years. I credit that to baby naming websites that have message boards, but who knows. Jessamine is the archaic French, medieval English, and Persian for "jasmine." Variants included Jessamy and Jessamyn. Jessamyn West was an American Quaker and writer best known for The Friendly Persuasion in 1945. Another famous Jessamyn West is a librarian and blogger. Most recently, the name was picked for the main character of the TV show "New Girl." Like Clary, she's also a character in a Cassandra Clare series which is rapidly gaining popularity. Nicknames can range from Jessica's "Jessie" or "Jess," to Jasmine's "Minnie," or "Jessa," or "Mina." The plant has a remarkably nice fragrance and cute star-shaped flowers.

In 2011 there were only 8 girls named Jessamine, 7 named Jessamyn, and none named Jessamy. In 2010 there were only 6 girls named Jessamine. Please, someone, snatch this up and use it!!


  1. Gorgeous name, although my favourite is Jessamy.

    I can't believe this name isn't used more often, especially considering the fame of Jessamyn West the writer, whose short stories are nearly always included in those "100 Great Stories" type compilations. In fact, I think that's where I first saw the name and just loved it (aged around 8 or so).

  2. Jessamine, Jessamyn and Jessamy do sound like names a little girl would just LOVE to have, but it's also very classy, and I think it would age very well.