Tuesday, September 25, 2012

An Unexpected Resource

Here's one I didn't know about until now: Whitepages! Seriously, and holy crap. Search for a name and it gives you quite a bit more than you expect. It almost does exactly what I do on my blog (it doesn't list how many were born in the past year, but it tells you how old the people with the name are) and more. Here's my example:

Ranks 1,032nd in 2011

Late 19th‐century coinage, from the archaic word fay ‘fairy’. It was to some extent influenced by the revival of interest in Arthurian legend, in which Morgan le Fay is King Arthur's half-sister, a mysterious sorceress who both attempts to destroy Arthur and tends his wounds in Avalon after his last battle. She is sometimes identified with the ‘Lady of the Lake’. Between the wars the name came to prominence as that of the British actress Fay Compton (1894–1979); more recently it has been associated with the writer Fay Weldon (b. 1931).

Nicknames and variations: FayeFaeFaFaiFaiaFaheyFayaFahyFauFah

Tens of thousands of people have this name
28,582 to be exact
Hawaii has the most people named Fay per capita
1910 marked the height of it's popularity
98% female, 2% male
84% over 55, 15% between 30 and 54, .30% are 13-29, .34% are 0-12

So, needless to say, this is going to become one of my top sources. Heck, it might force me out of business. 

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