Thursday, September 27, 2012


Kol from The Vampire Diaries

Kol is a pretty straight-forward old Viking name meaning "coal," in Old Norse, but it can also mean "dark," and "black." Cole/Kole, Colby/Kolby and Colton/Kolton are the most common variations seen today, and Kol/Col is a pretty common name prefix and suffix. It is more commonly seen as Cole or Kole due to it's transfer into Old English usage. Kolt/Colt and Kolton/Colton both meaning "coal town," although Colt can also refer to a young male horse. Now, the most common namesake is the fictional character Kol from The Vampire Diaries, part of an ancient Viking line turned vampire. There is a female variant, Kolfinna, meaning "dark and fair," which is well used in Iceland, and there were no recorded births for it (ever) in the U.S. In 2011 there were 9 baby boys named Khole, 9 Kolden, 13 Kol, 699 Kolton, ranking at #403, 349 Kole, ranking at #671, 321 Kolby, ranking at #706, 291 Kolten, ranking at #766, 111 Kolt, and 34 Kolson, as well as a handful of various other non-traditional spellings. Cole currently ranks at #94, Colt ranks at #326, Colby ranks at #314, and Colton ranks at #74.

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  1. Ooh, I can see this one doing well, it fits in with so many different trends! I think more people need to know about it.

    (Don't know why, but people are always Googling my blog asking for Viking names, something it's rather lacking in).