Friday, September 21, 2012

Name Interview with Ren (Lauren)

Laurel by Alphonse Mucha

What is your name? (Include middle if you like) Lauren Ashley but I go by Ren online

What decade were you born in? mid 90’s

How did you get your name? My parents just liked it

How did you feel about your name growing up? I liked it but I always wanted a nickname (I didn’t start using Ren until I was in 9th grade but I don’t use it in real life.)

How do you feel about your name now? I really like it. I think it is a pretty name.

If you have any kids, how did you choose their name(s)? I don’t have any kids but my top names are Athena Love and Theodore Landon. I chose them because I liked them. I will be honoring my grandma, whose name is Anastasia, some way when I have a girl.

What is the name of your best friend? Her name is Rebecca but she uses the nickname Becky. I just call her Beck though.

What are some common names for your age group? I know a lot of Ashleys, Jessicas,  Brittanys and a few more I can’t think of.

If you had to give yourself a new first name, what would it be? I don’t know. Maybe something with a nickname. If I had to pick it would maybe be Callianna with the nickname Callie/Cal.

Of the kids you've met most recently, which are your favorites and least favorites? I meet a little boy named Julius and really liked his name. I was also watching a show where one of the little kid’s name was Chancellor and I love it. My least favorite name is Jewana (I am guessing on the spelling). It is the name one girl in my class is thinking of naming her baby if it is a girl.

What are your favorite names at the moment? Right now my favorite girl name combo is Athena Love and the other girl names that are in my top 5 are Olivette, Philomena, Violetta, and Juniper. For boys my favorite combo is Theodore Landon and the other names in my top 7 (I only really like 7 names for boys. An odd number I know lol) are Amadeus, Vincenzo, Lorenzo, Thaddeus, Harrison, and Ignatius.  

What advice would you give expecting parents hunting for the perfect name? I would tell them that when they pick a name not to let anyone change their minds, especially their parents. Their parents already got to name their babies. I would also tell them that there are plenty of people who are more than willing to help them find a name they love, who don’t know them at all and won’t judge them. All they need to do is come over to formspring :).

a water lily

{Ren likes some great names. =) I personally love Violetta with the nickname Letty.}

Lauren ranked at #62 with 4,076 baby girls given this name in 2011. Lauren means "laurel," (bay laurel) a subtle botanical name. Laurel wreaths have always been a popular motif through art of all kinds. Laurel ranked at #927 after disappearing in 2009 and 2010. A similar name, Laura, ranked slightly lower at #273. Ren, on the other hand (which in Japanese means "water lily" and "lotus"). It is used for both boys and girls in Japan, yet there were 21 baby girls given the name Ren in 2011, which did not rank. Other three letter R names for girls include Rio, Ria, Ray/Rae/Rei, Rue, Roz and Rea. Ren can also be a nickname for the Italian name Renata, which just appeared on the top 1000.

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  1. Could you interview me too? My name's Ingrid!

  2. Thanks for the interview and for liking my names. It was so fun doing it.

    I love Letty as a nickname for Violetta and never though of it. I like Rio, Ray/Rae, and Rue.